Jennifer Kay

Owner and Executive Director

Currently Not Accepting New Clients

Age Groups: Adults

Area of Focus: Anxiety, OCD, Perfectionism & Panic Attacks, Depression, Childhood Neglect & Trauma, Mental Health

Did you ever know someone you could utterly be yourself with? You knew there would be no judgment and you knew they cared? That’s like us. Plus, we’re a team of registered clinical therapists with a ton of professional experience. We love working with people hanging on by a thread or simply dealing with difficult emotions and life situations.
We are trauma-informed Master level clinicians who specialize in depression, stress management, anxiety , relationships, anger and mental health.

I am an active member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.

Fun fact: I’m currently exploring Buddhism, in particular the work of Pema Chodron out of Nova Scotia’s Gampo Abby. I maintain a regular practice of mindfulness based meditation.

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